10 Minute Appointment

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Dear Patient

For clinical safety we kindly ask patients stick to the “one problem per consultation” policy.

Our clinicians perform over six hours of face-to-face appointments each day and running behind is a big challenge for them.

We appreciate that getting an appointment isn’t always easy and patients tend to “save” their problems and come in with a list to discuss – each appointment we offer is ten minutes long.

Ten minutes is not a long time, even for one clinical problem:

  • 1 minute to sit down in the consultation room
  • 3 minutes to give a history of the problem
  • 4 minutes to perform a targeted examination

The clinician then has 2 minutes to write up the notes, fill out any forms, produce a patient information leaflet or to dictate a referral to the hospital.

It is unsafe to try and manage multiple problems within such a short period of time and important information could be missed or unrecorded.

Help Us to Help You

If you have more than one problem, please book a double appointment. Twenty minutes will give you time to discuss 2 problems, or one complex issue.

Our appointments are a limited resource, and we kindly ask that you use our service with consideration for all patients.

We are working hard to keep you safe and well.

Kind regards
The GP Partners at Fulwell Medical Centre